Tips for Shooting a Glock


What is a Glock? Glock is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Glock Ges.m.b.H in Austria. Gaston Glock was the companys founder. He specialized in advanced synthetic polymers and was responsible for the first successful line of pistols with a polymer frame. They are well known for their light weight, ruggedness and reliability.

Shooting a Glock is the same as shooting any similar automatic pistol. You need to practice the basics of correct sight picture, trigger squeeze, good grip and good stance. Dont over-practice. If you get tired you shooting will get sloppy and you will develop bad habits that are hard to break.

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  • Grasp the pistol in your strong hand as high up as possible to provide good control and leverage. The webbing between the thumb and the forefinger should press firmly into the top of the back of the grip.
  • Point your trigger finger pointing straight down-range along the side of the gun.
  • Position your middle finger under the trigger guard. Your three lower fingers wrap around the grip.
  • Place your weak hand thumb against the Glocks grip. Position it just below and parallel to the slide. Your weak hand should wrap around the fingers of your strong hand.
  • Position your strong hand thumb on top of your weak hand thumb.
  • Your strong hand should have a firm grip, but not so tight as your knuckles turn white.
  • Your trigger finger should be relaxed.
  • Rotate your wrists a little bit downward and forward to prevent flipping up during recoil.
  • Your forearm should extend directly back from the center line of the weapon.


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