Glock Maintenance Tips


A lot of folks I talk to dont seem to know some of the simple, yet important points about how their Glocks work and how to anticipate or troubleshoot problems. I see a lot of them in classes, and Glock is claiming a 70+ percent share of the law enforcement market these days. With that in mind, here are a few things that might help you keep them running likewell, Glocks. Im going to assume you can field-strip your gun correctly, so Im not going into that specifically. And Im not going to go into any further disassembly other than basic field stripping. If you discover by doing these checks that you have a potential problem, get the gun to your local Glock armorer.

3The frame

Moving on to the frame, be sure and check the pins. Ive seen a number of broken pins, but the pistol was still functioning. The pins should be more or less flush on both sides. If not, a piece may have broken off and fallen out of the hole. Also, make sure the spring is okay under the slide lock. You can feel the tension when you pull down on the ends of the stop. When that spring breaks, the stop falls out to the side and the slide itself starts to head downrange. Also check the spring tension on the slide stop lever by gently lifting up on the lever (just enough to feel the tension). It can easily be damaged by improper assembly. If it is, the slide will usually keep locking back as the lever flips up during recoil. If it happens in the field, at least you can push it down and keep shooting. Visually check everything for cracks and/or wear. Ive seen frame rails crack, but usually the gun keeps working. Take a close look during cleaning.

The most common problem Ive seen (and its not all that common), is a broken factory coil style trigger spring. I have heard of NY trigger springs breaking, but Ive never actually seen one. The coil springs seem to be less durable. If the spring (it is actually the trigger reset spring) breaks, the trigger will remain in the rearward position when the slide cycles. If youre in the middle of a gunfight, thats a huge problem. So here is a gunfight survival tip for you: To keep the pistol running, hold the trigger to the rear and hand cycle the slide. Then release the pressure on the trigger and it will reset. You can keep firing that way, as long as you maintain rearward trigger pressure until after the slide has cycled. Actually, you might not even notice it in a gunfight, unless you let off on the trigger pretty quickly. But it may happen, and now you know how to keep it running.


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