Glock Maintenance Tips


A lot of folks I talk to dont seem to know some of the simple, yet important points about how their Glocks work and how to anticipate or troubleshoot problems. I see a lot of them in classes, and Glock is claiming a 70+ percent share of the law enforcement market these days. With that in mind, here are a few things that might help you keep them running likewell, Glocks. Im going to assume you can field-strip your gun correctly, so Im not going into that specifically. And Im not going to go into any further disassembly other than basic field stripping. If you discover by doing these checks that you have a potential problem, get the gun to your local Glock armorer.

1Is it loaded?

First of all, since you have to pull the trigger to take a Glock apart, I better emphasize how important it is to make sure the pistol is empty before you begin. Im still seeing periodic reports of people who didnt, with results from merely embarrassing to serious personal injury. For heavens sake, triple check to make sure it is empty, and keep it pointed in a safe direction! Once you start the slide forward after releasing the slide lock, you may find that it binds up after moving only a fraction of an inch. This is particularly true if it has a New York-style trigger spring. Thats normal. Just pull the trigger a second time and ease the slide off the frame. Once the slide is off the frame, hold it upside down and look at it from the side. Youll notice the back of the recoil spring/guide rod assembly is sitting up slightly from the half-moon shaped notch in the barrel lug, where you seated it when you last assembled it. What you are looking at is the normal operating position for that assembly. You want to make sure that you push it back down into the notch before reassembling the slide to the frame. If not, you can chip the edge of the rod and that will cause malfunctions. Most folks never notice this, because they usually take the slide components apart when they field strip the pistol. But if you ever remove the slide just to do something with the frame, you need to know about this before you put the slide back on.



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