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FREE Book: CounterViolence, How To Survive A Deadly Attack

If you want to discover what firearm and self-defense instructors don’t tell you about how to survive a real, deadly-encounter then claim your free Counter Violence book here. To learn more watch this video from the author:

Counter Violence: How To Survive A Deadly Attack takes you deep into the mindset of the violent criminal: who he is and what it really takes to defend your life and and win. In this book 14-year U.S. Army Infantry Officer, EJ Owens exposes WHO violent criminals really are, WHY they’re different from you and me, and HOW they select their victims.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Free Paperback Book:

• The #1 way to avoid being shot, slashed or punched, pg. 85
• How to instantly turn-the-tables on an attacker using “OODA Loop”, pg. 63
• 15 proven ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime, pg. 51-56
• Threat vector and why it’s critical to surviving a gunfight, pg. 72
• 7 emotional battles you’ll experience after a deadly encounter and how to cope, pg. 98-99
• Why speed is NOT the most important factor in a gunfight, pg. 92
• 14 critical components of every medical kit, pg. 112
• What NOT to do when police arrive after a shootout, pg. 97
• 12 crucial differences between target-practice and gunfighting, pg. 117-124

CounterViolence is available for purchase from Amazon. But for a limited-time you can get your paperback copy free. Don’t delay. Get your free copy of CounterViolence now because EJ only set aside 1,000 books to give away and he told me more than half are already gone!

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